Hi, I'm Kristina. I'm a nano influencer.

I’m currently on a full time adventure, travelling to the spiritual sites around the world.
I create content on my Instagram and Facebook page about meditation, yoga, retreats, sustainable travel, and eco friendly living.

So, what's a Nano Influencer?

A nano influencer
  • Has around 1000-5000 followers on social media (mainly Instagram but it could be twitter, YouTube or another platform)
  • Has a higher engagement rate than bigger accounts
  • Is much more cost effective for collaborations 

I fall into this category. 

I have an actual relationship with my followers. I answer every comment and respond to every question. Not just with catchphrases or emojis but with meaningful conversations. There’s a true sense of community and engagement. 

I do this because I love it. 

I post quality images that haven’t been through a set of ten filters. Because I show up with authenticity and share my real life: my thoughts, insights, struggles, and growth.  

I do that because I care. And when my followers tell me they learn and grow through and with me it brings me the greatest joy.

And just like any other friendship when you find something that works great and is meaningful you want to tell others and share it. 

So it is in this spirit that I offer collaborations. 
If you’re aligned to eco friendly living, sustainable travel, or yoga and meditation retreats and want to expand your reach then let’s collaborate.  
What I can offer you
  • A blog post review on my website
  • Posts on my social media (InstagramFacebook)
  • Outstanding images and videos for your own use
  • A feature on my Youtube channel

Nano Influencers vs. Micro Influencers - what's the Difference?

chart Nano influencers vs micro influencers
Nano influencers start at about 1000 followers. It’s only 30% of Instagram users that actually have 1000 followers or more.
So accounts that genuinely reach numbers above 1000 do this for a reason: 
they post consistently with quality photos, thoughtful captions, and engage with their followers. 
They are seen like a friend, trustworthy and authentic  – because we are.  

Get in touch

Request my media kit or simply let me know you’re interested in working together and I will get back to you with a proposal.

Past Clients and Sponsors

amayen sanctuary
sivananda ashram
Eden James Boutique


Sivananda Ashram is very grateful for Kristina's ongoing efforts whilst staying with us to proactively create images & videos to promote our not-for-profit Ashram and Yoga Centre. We have received wide exposure from Kristina's considered approach to social media and as we rely heavily on volunteers, this has helped us greatly. We are happy to recommend Kristina to other spiritual & not-for-profit organisations.
Beacon Yoga Centre
Sivananda Ashram
Kristina, thank you for the wonderful pictures you've taken for us and for your caring, engaging approach and beautiful energy. We enjoyed working with you and hope to meet again in the future. 
Pazit Barak
Founder, Vagabond Temple
I'm so excited to go, after seeing all the wonderful things you posted about your trip!
The Eclectic Indigo
Instagram follower
I am awaiting every new post from her, since it is so interesting! She has such great humour and still a great depth......seeing everything from a deeper angle!
Beatrice Rüsing
Facebook follower