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Spiritual Movies Good For Your Soul

If you’re on an inner quest these spiritual movies will enchant your soul. They will make you cry, laugh, sing, feel good – and even guide you to deeper truth.

I’ve always found stories to be such brilliant teachers. They talk directly to my soul. Movies let us see angels, karma, how we’re all connected, and other eternal mysteries, with our own eyes. Directly and without the fear of ridicule or shame. What could be better?

Here are some of my favourite spiritual movies about Avalon, ghosts, life after death and awakening.   

City of Angels (Meg Ryan, Nicolas Cage)

The ultimate love story between an angel and the woman he is looking after.

This depiction of how angels see and work with us has alway stuck with me.

Such a brilliant, clever and moving story about the interlocking lives of a dozen Los Angeles residents – black, white, latino, Asian, and Persian.

Beautifully shows the law of cause and effect in action and what it means that we are all connected.  

Avatar (director James Cameron)

The Tree of Souls, the incredible depiction of nature, and the way the Na’vi tribe literally bond with the wisdom of all life is very reminiscent of Lemuria, the natural paradise that predated Atlantis. 

The Giver (Brenton Thwaites, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, cameo by Taylor Swift)

The film is set in an ideal but (literally) colorless world of contentment where war and cruelty have been eradicated along with all negative emotions such as hatred, anger, and envy. For me the central question became: if you can’t have the pits of despair can you still have the heights of pure joy, bliss – and love? 

Stuart: A Life Backwards (Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy)

Benedict Cumberbatch! What more can I say 😉 

Perhaps less of a spiritual movie than a deeply moving story about a genius found in a very unlikely place that has stayed with me “forever” (and it’s not even Benedict!).

Mists of Avalon 

This is a 3 hour miniseries about the epic legend of King Arthur and his court at Camelot. The story is told by Morgaine LaFay, Arthur’s sorceress and protectress of the kingdom. But all the legendary characters such as Lancelot, Merlin, and the Lady of the Lake play a part. 

The parting of the mists and going from one world to another is unforgettable! 


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Defending Your Life (Meryl Streep, Albert Brooks)

How much do we let fear run our life? This is quite possibly the most important question we need to ask ourselves every day of our lives – because it becomes the central question after we die. As this film shows in a very funny and entertaining way! 

For all its humor, this has been a very important movie for me to face my fears! 

Messiah (on Netflix)

Set in modern day, we follow the journey of this charismatic figure as he gathers followers and haters, gets arrested, abducted, has guns pointed at him, is interrogated by the CIA… and all the while ignites people’s faiths.

This is not a retelling of the life of Jesus but an exploration of what might happen if a messianic figure did appear today.

I found myself spellbound by the way he lives in total surrender. Wherever he finds himself – be it in a prison cell or a luxury hotel, faced with cruelty or love – he fully surrenders to his guidance of the moment and brings his message and his healing without any attachment to the outcome. A huge inspiration! 

Now for some blockbusters that are worth watching “just one more time”…

Ghost (Patrick SwayzeDemi MooreWhoopi Goldberg)

Such a classic. This movie has everything, great plot, great actors, great music, love, drama, and well… that pottery scene.

Whoopie and the screenplay both won an Oscar. And one of my teachers said that the way death is portrayed right at the end (the way Mollie sees Sam depart) is incredibly accurate. 

The Da Vinci Code (Tom HanksAudrey TautouIan McKellen)

Although it’s actually too violent for me in parts it’s just too gripping not to watch! Dan Brown meticulously researched this secret protected since the time of Christ and from both the controversy it’s caused and the way it’s resonated with so many of us, it seems there is more to this than just being a fast paced adventure story…

I found myself spellbound by the conspiracies, sacred symbols, monks, and the woman of the ultimate lineage of love. 

It’s a Wonderful Life (James Stewart)

Not just for Christmas! A great movie to show no matter how much we may think we haven’t accomplished anything (don’t we all think this at times?) and never had an effect on anyone – this is never true.

(Also, isn’t the Angel sent to earth for George the most adorable non-angel-y looking angel ever?)

Jesus Christ Superstar

The Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice rock opera about the life and death of Christ is still so good. The portrayal of Jesus has not lost any of its charisma and the music hasn’t aged at all. “The
Age of Aquarius” – is finally here! 

Inception (Leonardo DiCaprio)

Maybe not a spiritual movie in the strictest sense but I’ve included it because it deals with different levels of reality, being asleep, and having your dreams infiltrated. And most importantly, with needing to awaken. 

The Matrix (Keanu Reeves)

Another movie that questions the reality we live in. “Choosing the red pill” has become a metaphor for facing difficult truths – and ultimately, to wake up for good. 

Eat Pray Love (Julia Roberts)

Everyone’s favourite woman’s journey to personal growth and self-discovery, right? 

I’m often travelling and currently in Bali for a while where the Pray part for the movie was filmed. So I’m at the pray stage of my life, I would say (perhaps aptly, for this review). And I hope the love part is still to come! 🙂

What about you? 

Please help

me by letting me know your favourite spiritual movie. I would love to watch it and add it here! 

And if you have found this article helpful please share it to help others.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Movies that are good for your soul”

  1. Lovely article! Thank you for these great choices. There are many I’ve seen before, although Messiah is still on my To Watch list. I think I should check it out :).

    I’d also like to give a suggestion to add. A movie that I absolutely loved is “the Giver”. It really makes you think about the world in a post-apocalyptic story that isn’t too heavy on the action. They did a really great job making this one ;).

    Enjoy watching!


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